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About Us

Making items from Fire Hoses
that were used to save lives,
homes, businesses & land
takes recycling to
another level...


Angela Greene, Necessary Recycling,  and Rebecca Wilcox, Rolling T Stores, have partnered together to continue manufacturing great bag products using the retired fire hoses and tractor tire inner tubes to create a recycled product of quality.  This enhances your world with keeping these items out of your landfills and giving you an item that will have a WOW factor along with meeting an essential need.

Handcrafted USA made gun bags from the toughest materials we could find is what started Badass bag. But, that wasn’t enough, the materials we use were headed for landfills which could have further negative effects on our environment. 

By accident we came across a ton of fire hoses that were being tossed in the trash. These hoses had been used to save lives, homes, businesses and land. We wanted to find a way to give them a second life along with tire inner tubes for the ultimate bag.